Food and Drink

Doors open 60 minutes before each screening. Food can be ordered and enjoyed from this time. 

How does food ordering work:

  1. To pre-order your food simply order at the checkout when you buy a ticket. 
  2.  Use our onsite delivery App via your mobile phone, enabling you to order food and drinks in real time which will then be delivered to your car.
  3.  Certain items are only available to pre-order, see the specific event page for details.

Please make sure you select the correct screening you will be attending, then choose the food you would like delivered to you upon arrival.

Some of Our Food Partners

The food on offer is a huge part of the whole experience. Our aim is to provide a range of delicious food served by people who are knowledgeable and passionate about what they offer. Each of our food and drink outlets are small, family-run, innovative food providers based in Sussex who use locally sourced ingredients.

We ask you to support local Sussex businesses and kindly refrain from bringing your own food and drink with you. Instead experience some of the culinary delights of Sussex and preorder one of our delicious boxes.

Seven Sisters’ Spices

Seven Sisters’ Spices is a Lewes based independent catering & teaching kitchen creating a range of delicious spiced food with local ingredients.
When Chloe moved from East London to East Sussex in 2010 she found herself missing much of the spiced food she’d grown up with. As a keen cook she set about creating the myriad flavours her and her family missed so much.  Chloe’s Southern Mediterranean meze is delicious and is an explosion of delicate flavours. If you fancy a sweet treat but are gluten or dairy free then don’t fear Chloe has the answer! All boxes need to be pre-ordered so don’t miss out.

Caccia and Tails

Caccia & Tails, based in Lewes, is a fusion of New York Italian Street food and modern casual dishes.  Focaccia Genovese is a classic whatever the meal, give the breakfast Focaccia a try or eat it with tomato and cheese.  If you want something sweet then there’s afternoon tea with a difference – swapping scones for donuts and you won’t be disappointed! 

Cheese Please

Lewes based cheese shop “Cheese Please” are offering people the chance to Pre-Order a cheese box for two with a selection of three farmhouse cheeses from artisan Sussex producers. The cheeses include Brighton Blue, Olde Sussex Cheddar and Sussex Camembert served with locally produced crackers and chutney . These must be Pre-ordered when you buy a ticket and can be picked up as you arrive at the event.

Local drinks

A range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available at events. Drinks are served from a beautiful Bedford TK that’s been turned into a mobile bar called Off the Wagon. Rob Cowan, the owner, created the whole thing single-handedly using recycled materials, market finds and repurposed furniture. Local drinks companies are being used and we’ve got a good selection. Drinks are delivered directly to your car using our app.

Gun Brewery

Over the past few years, there has been a quiet revolution in the way people drink and make beer. Small brewers working with enthusiasm and great ingredients and without the constraints of large corporations are producing delicious beers once again.

We are part of that movement. Our aim is simple; Inspired by brewing styles both old and new, to make great beer, using the best ingredients. Most of our beer is vegan and a growing number are also gluten free.

Crepes de la Creme


Who can resist the wonderful smell and taste of well made crispy crepes? Together Rosie and Bradley, both local to Seaford, will be serving up a delicious selection of sweet and savoury crepes with a great range of toppings. Whether it’s a crepe with smoked salmon and cream cheese that tickles your fancy or the Big Sky sensation (Crepe with ice cream and three toppings)there’s definitely something for everyone to enjoy. They also do gluten-free crepes and vegan toppings.

We only use eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging and have a rigorous policy of recycling after events.

Driving a motor vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol is a crime and puts yourself and those around you at risk. If you visit BSC and are the designated driver, please choose from the wide variety of non-alcoholic drinks available.
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